EMA employs expert internal technical support staff who work closely with you're HIS Department to insure accurate and seamless exchange of data between your system and ours.

Our MIS Department has had extensive experience developing and maintaining seamless bi-directional data exchanges with CPSI, Meditech, McKesson, Siemens, Affinity, Paragon, HMS, Keane, IDX, First Coast, practice management systems and proprietary systems. Because of decades of experience with custom client interfaces you can be rest assured that whether you data is being transferred via Modem, SFTP or Email that your data transmission will be HIPAA compliant and your files will be processed properly. EMA also maintains its own secure, redundant FTP, Email and Web servers to ensure uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All services offered by E-Management Associates, LLC are processed and maintained on redundant servers utilizing its own state of the art proprietary software written in Microsoft Visual Basic.Net accessing MySQL databases.

Decades of R&D went into the development of our proprietary software to deliver our custom tailored services to our clients. Daily we process and maintain more than 1 million records with 100% accuracy. By utilizing dynamic databases to maintain our data we have the ability to access it effortlessly providing vital feedback to our clients at a moments notice.

Utilizing Action Plans our proprietary software ensures that our clients remain in control over their outsourced accounts at all times. Action Plans dictate the activity to be executed on each account at specific intervals based on the client's service agreement.

Many outsourcing companies attempt to process and work accounts through "canned" collection software or by utilizing the clients software on site or remotely. Collection software is essential in attempting to collect bad debt accounts but allows for too much human intervention and decision making; consequently the client looses all control over their outsourced accounts. While all the healthcare information systems are simply not designed to deliver the services we offer. Although many have collection modules it is not the focus of the system nor should it be. All of the technology utilized by EMA is specifically designed to optimize the services we deliver for our clients.

At any time we welcome you to visit our corporate headquarters for an inspection and demonstration of our Information Systems.
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