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Today's Healthcare Financial Management is faced with decreased yields from increased volume. Many of the reasons are clear; failure of third parties to process claims in a timely manner, shortened processing windows due to Managed Care settlement requirements, increased deductibles and co-insurance, tight labor market creating turnover, and more uninsured visits.

Providing patient liability account services is the core focus of EMA. This means our clients receive the benefit of continuous investment and innovation. From the elimination of impersonal auto-dialers to Patient Friendly Billing, EMA quickly updates all of our out-partnering services with Best Practice philosophy that provides improved patient satisfaction and cash flow.

EMA out-partnering works with you to provide feedback to patient access and third party billing for process improvement. EMA works closely with you in pursuit of your quality improvement goals a benefit that can easily be overlooked.

The increased effectiveness of our services, produce additional cash, which make them self supporting to your organization. Our services are offered on a shared rise basis or a flat fee basis. Flat fee pricing provides the perfect "win-win" working environment for a partnership to work together to improve all patient account processes.

Our technology is complex but our process is simple, a combination that produces industry leading results. All out-partnering solutions are tailored to meet each client's specific needs and implemented to ensure that the client has complete control of the process at all times through bi-direction interfaces, mirroring pertinent information on the two systems to provide essential feedback and ensure success. Bi-directional exchange of data ensures electronic submission of new accounts, payments and adjustments on the clients system as well as notations made on both systems. As a result the process is not only seamless to the client but to its patients as well.

At no cost or obligation, an EMA representative will conduct an in-depth assessment of your specific needs and provide your hospital with a comprehensive proposal of recommendations which can be executed effortlessly and efficiently.

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